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Copy your iPhone's contacts onto your PC



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CopyTrans Contacts is an app whose main function is to copy your contacts from your iPhone to your PC, in a simple, quick, and easy way.

The procedure is very simple: connect your iPhone to the computer using its cable, select the contacts you want to copy (or the entire contact list), and click on 'export contacts'. A window will appear on which you must specify what format you wish to use, choosing from among Gmail, iCloud, Excel, Yahoo mail...

Another interesting option is that, apart from exporting your contacts, you'll also be able to edit them directly on the app. This way you'll be able to update your contacts' information using a much more comfortable interface then iPhone's, letting you write using your keyboard instead of iPhone's small touchscreen.

CopyTrans Contacts is a very useful tool with which you'll be able to manage your contacts more efficiently than ever. Export, import, edit... You can do all of this using its simple interface.

The app lets you carry out 25 operations, but you can get more if you share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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